Episode notes

“They Forgot They Survived” is Khu.éex’s second studio album. Preston Singletary and Captain Raab talk about how Bernie Worrell and Clarissa Rizol led and inspired their studio sessions together. And we hear Clarissa talk about her role in the group and some of the inspiration behind her spoken word pieces. The conversation begins with the group talking about 'Sunrise Song' and expands to the subject of Art and the resilience of Native Artists and the transference of history with storytelling. We learn the story of '1962 Douglas Burning', 'Her Spirit Reflected in the Moon' and 'Stillness' from Gene Tagaban's perspective. Skerik calls in to talk about Bernie's mastery as an improviser, and the episode concludes with a story about the song Gunalchéesh, which means Thank You in the Tlingit language.

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