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Episode notes
It’s normally used to assert that important matters should be dealt with before other things. It is a step back to make sure that the top priority stays the top priority. One of the areas that can easily fall prey to operating without the top priority in mind is our finances. This series is our opportunity to look at God’s generous heart and how we can walk in that manner. Being generous is more than just giving, it’s a mindset that truly comes from the heart. In scripture, we see God take little and make much of it. Jesus also said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Generosity is a blessing and is in the heart of God, and so it should also be in the hearts of His people. How has God been generous to you? What are some ways you can be more generous? This is the series where we’ll explore the heart God has for giving and how we play a par ...   ...  Read more