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Missio Dei|Pastor Dave|"Led by the Spirit Into Mission" Wk#3

Kfirst by Kalamazoo First

Episode notes

We serve a God who is on mission. Since creation, God has been in the mode of redemption and restoration. This is His plan; this is His heart. It’s what we call the Missio Dei (Latin for “mission of God”). This mission is not just what He is up to but what God invites us to be a part of. In fact, Jesus spoke of this in what we call the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). Jesus calls us by beginning with the word “o.” Yet, it doesn’t mean quite what we think it means. Rather than being an in-your-face command, it is much more invitational in nature. It has more of an “As you go” sort of feel. In other words, wherever we are, we’re in just the right place to live out the Missio Dei and share the love of Jesus with whoever we meet. By recognizing the “As you go” nature of the commission, what we discover is that mission is not just a trip we take t ... 

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