The Story of (Your) Life // The Story of Creation

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Episode notes

Kyle Kauffman | Apr. 23 2023

All that we see, touch, smell, hear, and taste (and all that we don’t) was made by God. He spoke everything into existence. God did not create the world because he needed anything, but rather the world was an overflow of the love, joy, and delight the Godhead has within itself. God created the world for his glory to be displayed and enjoyed. God creates the world with limits and order. He first of all forms the universe and then fills it. All that he creates is good. It overflows with beauty and goodness that is meant to be enjoyed as an act of worship to the Creator. The created universe tells us much about God. It displays His goodness, His power, and His wisdom. What we know from God from the very start should shape how we view the world and our lives in it.