The Story of (Your) Life // The Story's Not About You

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Episode notes
Kyle Kauffman | Apr. 16 2023 The story of the universe starts and ends with God. He is the one who writes and rules over the story. He is the one who is at the center of the story. He is the one who the story is all about. He has existed from all eternity and will exist for all eternity. God’s existence is the foundation of how we make sense of this world and our lives. God’s existence is the fountain from which all other existence springs. God’s existence is fundamental reality we are meant to see, know, and enjoy as we walk through this life. It is because God exists that life is not simply a “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Rather the world, history, and each of our individual lives is a story written by him full of purpose and meaning. It is because of God’s existence that we are not meant t ...   ...  Read more