From the Garden to the Cross // The Story of the Trees

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Episode notes
Kyle Kauffman | Apr. 9 2023 Trees in many ways are both a source of life for us. They provide oxygen and nourishment for us. If we were to remove all trees, we would quickly die. Trees in the bible are not only a source of life, but they are also a symbol of life and death. We find two trees in the very beginning that were meant to teach us what it meant to truly have life. Life was to be found in loving, trusting and obeying God. But instead of choosing life, we chose death. But another tree tells us of the one who came and chose death so that we could have life. He died the death we deserve to die so that we could find life in him. We know that even as death continues to rage in this world, we can find life in him. And yet we still long for fullness of life forever. We long for death and all the hurt it has caused to be fully remo ...   ...  Read more