What If? // What If Jesus Didn't Ascend Back to Heaven?

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Episode notes

Joel Wlld | Apr. 7 2024

It’s easy for us to overlook the ascension of Jesus back to Heaven. In fact, it is often the event of Jesus’ life that gets the least amount of focus. We hear Jesus’ words, “It is to your advantage that I go away” and are left dumfounded and confused. Wouldn’t it have been better if He stayed here on this earth and lived among us right now? Wouldn’t most of our personal and global struggles be eliminated if He was still here? In answering those questions and the bigger question of “What if Jesus didn’t ascend back to heaven?” we discover that Jesus’ ascension has life-changing implications for our lives both now and in the future. The truth and reality is, it is good news for us that Jesus ascended back to heaven forty days after He rose from the dead.