Hebrews: Jesus is Better // A Better Anchor

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Episode notes

Joel Wood | Mar. 10 2024

It’s easy to trust God when the seas of our life are calm. When things are going the way we want them to, circumstances are good, and there’s no really big trials we are facing, trust in God seems to come naturally. But when suffering, temptation, and trials start to blow and rage against us, it can be hard to continue to trust God in the midst of them. It seems much easier in these moments to start to doubt God’s love or to live in constant fear then to trust him. This was a struggle for the Hebrews in the midst of their circumstances, and it’s often our struggle as well. In the midst of all the ‘waves’ that come our way in this life we need an anchor we can look to that will hold us through the storm and enable us to continue trusting God when life is painful, hard, or just doesn’t make sense.

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