K-Drama School – Ep 165: Mental Coach Jegal and Grace’s Clown Flopped Birthday Flyer

K-Drama School by Grace Jung

Episode notes

[Spoiler Alert] Grace discusses the K-drama series Mental Coach Jegal (2022, tvN) starring Jung Woo and Lee Yoo-mi. Grace talks about how she became her very own birthday clown on her own birthday by flopping, and dives into the show Mental Coach Jegal which includes messages of female empowerment without compromising herself to save her family’s face as well as mindfulness of the present moment over racing towards milestones. Grace questions the relationship between a sports psychologist and his client in the narrative then questions her own logic based on the boundary-less quality of love. K-Drama School: A Pop Culture Inquiry into Why We Love Korean Television is available for pre-order and a 20% discount until April 23, 2024! Use code KDRAMA20 at the checkout on the Hachette Book Group webpage:

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