K-Drama School – Ep 161: My Demon and Ally McBeal with Tobias Hauser

K-Drama School by Grace Jung

Episode notes

[Spoiler Alert] Grace discusses the show My Demon (SBS, 2023-2024) which stars Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang. Grace takes issue with director Kim Jang-han who appears to have taken too many liberties ripping off the mise-en-scene from Goblin (2015-2016), but admires his earlier work for directing a K-drama about erectile dysfunction. Hell yeah! Grace’s returning guest is Berlin-based comedian Tobias Hauser (@hahahouser on Instagram) and they discuss working in America, German Nazi landlords, Tina Turner as an idol, Cher as an alien, Dolly Parton’s massive heart and boobs, feelings of inadequacy, and Ally McBeal. Grace’s new book K-Drama School: A Pop Culture Inquiry into Why We Love Korean Television is available now for pre-order on Amazon. Release date is April 23, 2024:

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