Paraiba Tourmaline - Takes the center stage on the world market

Kat Florence Presents-Journey To The Stone With Don Kogen by Don Kogen

Episode notes

World renowned gem hunter Don Kogen discusses the rare, evocative Paraiba tourmaline. Named after the state of Paraíba in Brazil, where much of the stone is found, this tourmaline is one of nature’s rarest geological phenomena. It is also found in Mozambique and Nigeria. Due to unusually high copper concentrations, the luminous gemstone has a rich, vivid coloration that ranges from emerald greens to neon blues to deep violets. Paraiba tourmaline is one of the most expensive gemstones today — and it has taken the world market by storm. Listen to our narrator share his personal journey with the Paraiba tourmaline, including anecdotes about discovering it in Mozambique, seeing it at the Tucson Gem Show, and making a key connection about its origin when viewing a map of the supercontinent Pangaea.

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