Kassi & Isha Marathe Talk About Generative AI & Journalism

Kassi & .... by Kassi Burns

Episode notes

In this tech podcast, Kassi Burns, an attorney and co-founder of All Your Data, welcomes Isha Marathe, journalist and law & technology reporter for ALM. Isha discusses the challenges of covering legal tech and the learning curve associated with it. She highlights the importance of understanding legal tech concepts such as e-discovery and generative AI. Isha also explores the impact of generative AI on journalism and the potential benefits it can bring to small newsrooms. She expresses her curiosity about copyright litigation and the distinction between meaningful prompting and generative AI. Additionally, she raises concerns about deep fake pornography and emphasizes the need for discernment in consuming content.

Key Episode Takeaways:

  • Legal tech reporting requires understanding complex concepts such as e-di ... 
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