Kassi & Deana Burke Talk About Building a New Internet with Web3

Kassi & .... by Kassi Burns

Episode notes

In this tech podcast, Kassi Burns, an attorney and co-founder of All Your Data, welcomes Deana Burke, Co-Founder of Boys Club, to talk about emerging technologies, web3, and her vision for a new internet. Boys Club, a social community focused on encouraging more women to learn about web3 and emerging tech, has grown over the years to include IRL events, a zine, multiple podcast series, with its anchor based in the private Discord server for its members.

Key Episode Takeaways:

  • Boys Club is a community that provides a safe space for learning and encourages curiosity and optimism about emerging technologies.
  • Managing a large community on Discord can be challenging, but creating a frictionless experience and fostering a sense of community is essential.
  • The Brand New Summit, taking place during SXSW i ... 
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