Kassi & Alan Wilemon Talk About AI & Data Privacy

Kassi & .... by Kassi Burns

Episode notes

In this tech podcast, Kassi Burns, an attorney and co-founder of All Your Data, welcomes Alan Wilemon, Director of INQ Consulting, to talk about AI and the impact of generative AI and AI regulations bring to data privacy issues.

Kassi and Alan discuss the intersection of privacy and emerging technologies, particularly AI, including the impact of AI on communication (and the role of memes), and the challenges of incorporating chat messages into discovery and privacy practices. They also explore the rise of AI and its impact on privacy, as well as the role of privacy professionals in AI governance. The conversation highlights the concepts of anonymization and pseudonymization in AI compliance and the potential for AI tools to enhance privacy and data protection. They touch on the EU AI Act and draw parallels to the rollout of GDPR. The episo ... 

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