The Astrology, Mythology, and Spiritual Significance of the October 2023 Eclipse Portal

Karmic Imprints by Diana Westly

Episode notes

In this episode of Karmic Imprints, I explore the astrology, mythology, and spiritual significance of the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses. Some of the topics I delve into include:

  • A high level overview of the astronomy and ancient symbolism of eclipses
  • The astrology, mythology, guiding goddesses, and major themes of the New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14th
  • The energy and significance of the eclipse season midpoint - when the Sun and the lunar South Node form a conjunction - on October 18th
  • The major themes and celestial stories surrounding the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28th
  • The pivotal role of Venus in Virgo during this eclipse season
  • Final words on the Taurus-Scorpio North and South Node axis

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