S01 E18 - Antoine's On the Boulevard

Kansas City Food Memories by Robert Duensing
Our stroll today takes down to the Boulevard, Southwest Boulevard as we hear stories from the family of Tony DiBenedetto, Jr. Even if you never had the opportunity to experience the random joy of Tony, you are sure to enjoy this show.
May 13 2023

Thank you for choosing to listen to episode number 18 of Kansas City Food Memories, where
we take you on a stroll down memory lane and talk about some of our favorite restaurants
from the 1980s and 90s.
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the podcast like you are here.
Today's episode, we're talking to the family from Antwans on the Boulevard, which originally
opened in 1940 as Tony's Tavern.
So sit back and enjoy, and we'll catch you next week.
Well good morning and welcome to Kansas

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