S01 E08 - New Stories from Robert Duensing, Toby Tobin and Guest, Michael Spano

Kansas City Food Memories by Robert Duensing

New stories about Marilyn May, Ken Bakers & Gold Buffet were brought up and convinced us that these 3 deserve a whole dedicated to each of them. Go on a stroll with us down memory lane.

Mar 04 2023

Thank you for joining us for episode number eight of Kansas City Food Memories, where
Toby Tobin and I, Robert Dunsing, take you on a stroll down memory lane and share stories
about our favorite restaurants from the 80s and 90s and sometimes a little further back.
It always amazes me how one story begets another story begets another story and all of a sudden
we find out that they're all intertwined.
You are a fan of Marilyn May, Ken Baker's, Gold Muffet, or Edie's Lofenstein.
You definitely want to hear today's show.
If you have any ties or direct contact to some of those subjects or they're the ones
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