S01 E07 - Costello's, Golden Ox & KT Fryers

Kansas City Food Memories by Robert Duensing
Robert Duensing and Toby Tobin are having so much fun taking calls from our followers that is is hard to get to our mission of Deep Dives on specific restaurants and topics. Calls today include some first timers that deserve a second look or two. Shoot us an email if you have some info or had worked at any of these Iconic restaurants. Be  ...  See more
Feb 26 2023

Thank you for choosing to listen to this week's episode of Kansas City Food
Memories. I believe this is episode number seven. We took live call-ins
from a number of people that had some really interesting stories to share and
some feedback on past issues that we tried to deal with. Now remember this is
a taped episode of a live show so do not call in when we give the number or text
in when we get that. But if you'd like to participate next week or any week after
that make sure that you tune in to our show on 98.1 FM KMBZ in Kansas City. You
can do that anywhere in the country that you have internet access so that'll be
real easy to do. But tune in, tell your friends, and become part of the party.
Thank you very much and enjoy. Well good morning Kansas City and welcome to
Kansas City Food M

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