Cyber Security Business

by K logix

Hosted by Kevin Pouche, COO of K logix, Cyber Security Business interviews CISOs and other security leaders to hear their advice about the business of information security. This podcast gives our listeners actionable takeaways to help them increase the effectiveness of their security programs.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2023

  • Cybersecurity Budgets

    Cybersecurity Budgets

    We sat down with Chuck Thomas, Information Security Operations Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, to discuss budget planning - how to approach it, how to do more with less, how to present and justify it to executives, and what to look out for - including regulations, AI and ChatGPT.

  • Identity


    Discussing all things Identity and Access Management with Rob Preta, Head of Cybersecurity at ACV Auctions - why IAM is so important, what are best practices, which IAM solutions he uses in his security program, challenges he's faced, advice for justifying budget, and how AI and ChatGPT are now affecting IAM.

  • Talent Development & Retention

    Talent Development & Retention

    Discussing talent development and retention with Jay Wiley, Deputy CISO & SVP of M&T Bank, what the best practices are, the hurdles that come with it and what he views is important for building and retaining a successful cybersecurity team.

  • Sales and the CISO

    Sales and the CISO

    Sitting down with Dmitriy Sokolovskiy, VP & CSO/CISO at Avid, and Ryan Spelman, Managing Director of Consulting here at K logix, to discuss Sales and the CISO - how it's often a broken process, but it doesn't need to be.

  • Season 2022

  • Presenting to the Board

    Presenting to the Board

    Discussing the do's and don'ts of presenting to the board with Rob Sherman, CISO of American Tower, and exactly just what the board is looking to see and hear.