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Just Think: The Podcast is hosted by 3 American women who invite you into their conversation about current events and challenge you to think critically about the information you are given. With a strong aversion to labels, political correctness, and censorship and committed to the premise that they never want to tell people WHAT to think but instead challenge everyone to not blindly accept what we are told is true but to ask ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Episode 142: "The Bird Flu, Fear Porn & How To Confront It All" With Dr. Kelly Victory Inbox

    Episode 142: "The Bird Flu, Fear Porn & How To Confront It All" With Dr. Kelly Victory Inbox

    Be prepared. Perhaps it is some of the best advice we can offer anyone and everyone as we survey the global landscape, the exposure of corruption and lies, the battle for power and control, and the relentless the pursuit of greed. Hopefully by now our audience is "hip to the game", but we wanted you all to hear from Dr. Kelly Victory, a board-certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience who has served as CMO for Whole Health Management, delivering on-site healthcare services for Fortune 500 companies and is Chief of Emergency & Disaster Medicine at The Wellness Company. She talks about the bird flu, how media is used to control the public, and what the public needs to know--the truth.

  • Episode 141: "Stop Chasing Pain" With Dr. Perry Nickelston

    Episode 141: "Stop Chasing Pain" With Dr. Perry Nickelston

    Raise your hand if you have ever experienced chronic pain and/or inflammation. If you have, you know how life altering this can be and how modern medicine too often fails to heal the root of the problems. But we know someone who has had great success in healing pain and inflammation, and we wanted you to meet him! Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC is a Chiropractic Physician with a primary focus on treating chronic pain and inflammation via the lymphatic and vascular systems. Owner of Stop Chasing Pain, LLC, he is an international speaker, educator and author of the book, "Stop Chasing Pain". After healing from a severe back injury and autoimmune disease, he decided to dedicate himself to offering these self-care approaches to others. He has devoted himself to understanding the systems of the body and what it takes to improve the health and well-being of each system so they may work synergistically together for optimal health and performance. Join us as Dr. Perry shares his own healing journey and how you can discover your own.

  • Episode 140: "Chris Eats Crow-Mo"

    Episode 140: "Chris Eats Crow-Mo"

    Chris Cuomo now acknowledges he was injured by the Covid 19 vaccine and that there are others. He even admits to using Ivermectin daily as part of his treatment plan. So you'd think he would have offered an apology for literally shaming on national television all who took Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid. But no--he is instead essentially saying, "We didn't know." But we did know. Many knew because some brave clinicians and scientists were sharing the information, only to be censored, shamed, blacklisted and even fired. We have our own thoughts for Chris about all of this and more of what is happening in our world this week, and we would love for you to join us in the conversation.

  • Episode 139: "Breathing & Healing" with Ali Levine

    Episode 139: "Breathing & Healing" with Ali Levine

    She was a successful "stylist to the stars" in Hollywood, at the top of the professional game, when Ali Levine had to acknowledge that, internally, she was hitting rock bottom. A journey to find answers and understanding, to find inner healing, peace and joy again, led her away from her profession and into a relationship with God that has profoundly changed her life (and relationships) for the better. And how did she find it? Through breathwork. Having been raised Catholic and born Jewish, Ali called herself a "Cashew" but acknowledges she didn't personally know God. In any case, she never expected to find Him through a practice that was neither Christian or Jewish but was truly a desperate attempt to break free of the anxiety, depression, and dis-ease she felt internally. But find Him she did, along with the peace and joy and wisdom she was searching for. And today she is helping others find what she was searching for as well through her meditative breathwork exercises. Listen in as Ali shares her unique story and how something "so hokey" turned out to be so healing, and how we can find that, too.

  • Episode 138: "Healing The 'Incurable'"

    Episode 138: "Healing The 'Incurable'"

    Many people suffer from chronic conditions for which they have been told there is no solution. But we are learning that isn't always true at all--there is HOPE. And in this episode, we speak to an ambassador of hope and healing for anyone suffering with chronic digestive issues--Dane Johnson. Dane is the founder of Crohns Colitis Lifestyle, a foundation he created that is inspired by his life-threatening battle with Crohn’s/Colitis which he reversed using natural practices. As a Board Certified Nutritionist and one of the most successful Crohn’s/Colitis coaches in the world, he has helped thousands around the world find their unique answer to Irritable Bowel Disease while building a community of supporters, doctors and healers. This episode is not only for anyone suffering but for the caretakers, for those of us who want to continue learning about root causes of disease and how to have hope that the body can heal itself when we figure out how to help it do what it is created to do.