How To Start A Successful Candle Making Business with Charlene Rogers, Founder of Lit Light Creations

JoyTutor Podcast by JoAnna Williams

Episode notes

Host of the JoyTutor Podcast, JoAnna Williams, met the 2022 JoyTutor Celebrations of Courage, Resilient Award Honoree Charlene (Charlie) M. Rogers. Charlene, who goes by Charlie, is a true symbol of resilience and determination. Her business, Lit Life Creations, is more than just a candle brand; Charlie believes that humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and your home is your sanctuary. This is the foundational principle and her 'why' for creating products that will add peace, balance, and spiritual enlightenment to her clients' homes.

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey of making candles inspired her to provide more products with clean ingredients for our home, body, and spirit. Lit Life Creations is an inclusive and c ... 

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