Joy and Conversation

by Daniel Osborn

Joy and Conversation is a podcast about Jewish history and culture. It is propelled by curiosity and a passion for teaching and learning. Eclectic but accessible, it is like looking into a kaleidoscope and seeing the vibrant colors, complex shapes, and rich dimensions of Jewish life and identity--but for your ears. It illuminates Jewish diversity by focusing on under-told stories. It emphasizes vitality and dynamism by showcasi... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E18 - Welcome to the Hotel Cubana

    E18 - Welcome to the Hotel Cubana

    In this episode, we return to Jewish Cuba and learn about a family who is bringing kosher accommodations and humanitarian aid to the island. We speak to Cindy White who operates Chateau Blanc alongside her brother Scott Berenthal ...

  • E17 - Sobremesa

    E17 - Sobremesa

    In this episode, we explore the modern history of Jews in Mexico and focus on the intersections between culture, cuisine, food, and family. We start with with Monica Unikel, who has dedicated herself to preserving and telling stor...

  • E16 - Under Vines and Fig Trees

    E16 - Under Vines and Fig Trees

    In this episode, we speak with Jonathan Dekel-Chen about the long history of Jewish agricultural life. The episode traverses continents and centuries, describing Jewish farming from Abraham through the 21st century. Jonathan is th...

  • E15 - Pathways to Parenting

    E15 - Pathways to Parenting

    In this episode, we speak with Amy Weinreb about parenting, family dynamics, and questions of "home." Amy is a cultural anthropologist and senior lecturer at the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at The University of Texas at ...

  • E14 - A Hebrew Humanist

    E14 - A Hebrew Humanist

    In this episode, we speak with Nicolas DeWarren about the 20th century Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. Nicolas is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Studies at Penn State and the author of Original Forgiveness , A Mo...