S03 E01 - The Devil Inside Me - Film & Book by Joshua T Berglan and Jessica Linn

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
The Devil Inside Me is a #1 International Best Selling Book and 10-time festival-winning film by Joshua T Berglan and Jessica Linn. The video is a concept film that Joshua and Jessica are using in hopes of making it into a full-feature film or series. Each chapter is episodic and does not follow the timeline of Joshua's life. Oh I forget  ...  See more
Mar 05 2023
Episode’s Soundbites
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The devil inside. The devil. What a scary thing that it brings so much satisfaction.

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Brings so much satisfaction to give in to the temptation. Man, I used to hurt me.

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And you used to hurt me so bad. You didn't have to take my innocence, but you did.

00:00:43,600 --> 00:00:55,280
You took my innocence, both of you. Both of you devils. You took my innocence and robbed

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everything that was to look pretty and safe and comfortable.

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And now, all I see are the pleasures of sex.

00:01:17,040 --> 00:01:20,480
The feeling and the rush of euphoria that comes from

00:01:20,480 --> 00:01:38,880
this bowl of toxic, but glorious amazem

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