S02 E32 - MSOP Hunger Strike for Clear Path Home - END CIVIL COMMITMENT

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
On March 3rd, 2023 many people around the country will go into a hunger strike inside of their shadow prisons also known as Civil Commitment facilities. The hunger strike will focus on the men having a clear path home. Why does this matter? All rehabilitation efforts should have a plan and a clear path to "graduate" the program? Right? Th  ...  See more
Mar 02 2023
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Hey everyone, my name is Joshua and today is, what is today, March 2nd, 2023.

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As of yesterday, I had a call from MSOP Shadow Prison, which is a civil commitment facility

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that is disguised as a hospital, but it's actually a shadow prison and if you've watched

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any of the other videos I've done on this or listened to the podcast or even heard the

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testimonies of some of the prisoners, you know about the horrors that are happening

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The men that are locked up in civil commitment facilities are fighting for their lives in

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a lot of d

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