S02 E30 - Native American Asceticism LIVE from Shadow Prison MSOP

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Penile Plethysmography.Have you ever heard that word before?I have not until this broadcast and along with other new words I learned like, Asceticism, this broadcast is full of surprises.This broadcast features multiple "patients" who are locked away in the shadow prison MSOP in Minnesota under the unjust Civil Commitment law.While we hav  ...  See more
Feb 23 2023

*Hi everyone, it is Joshua - this transcript is a little all over the place however it is here for a few reasons. 1, SEO, 2, because most of the transcript can be made out however there are parts that are not clear because of how we had to do this broadcast. I am so grateful you are here. Thank you for keeping these men in your prayers.

Hello. This is a prepaid debit call from
a client, a Moose Secure Treatment. Oh. Now I definitely dunno who's calling? Acceptance. Call, call from monitor and may be recorded. Your call will now be connected. Thank you for using gtl. Hello, Jeremiah Johnson calling. Hello, Jeremiah Johnson. How are you
about? Podcast canceled for Native Americans. Yes, sir. We are on the air right now as we speak. All righty. Thank you very much. I would like to bring

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