S02 E27 - A Conversation with Babyboomer.org founder Marc Joseph

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Welcome to A Conversation with the founder of Babyboomer.org founder Marc Joseph and Joshua T Berglan. In this broadcast, we discuss baby boomers, what they can teach the youth, the mistakes they made and learned from, trust in the media, hope for our youngest generation, and much more. To learn more about Marc, Babyboomer.org and his bo  ...  See more
Feb 17 2023
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Joshua T Berglan: What's up ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan. I am so honored today to introduce the founder and creator of babyboomer.org. Mr. Marc Joseph. Marc, how you doing today, man?
Marc Joseph: Great. I appreciate you inviting
Joshua T Berglan: me. I am so honored to have you here. But before we get into baby boomers and just more about you, can you tell us today what you're grateful for and why?
Marc Joseph: I am grateful to be alive. When you think about it and think about what we just all went through with this covid experience, how many friends we lost, the actual age of us baby boomers was reduced, in 2019. It was 78 years old. We'd lived to 10 months, in 2020 it was 77.3 2020 1, 76 0.1.
It's going down and down. So I'm just glad to be h

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