S02 E18 - A Conversation about Jews, Muslims, Christians and Gratitude w/ Bracha Goetz

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
We welcome back our friend, Bracha Goetz from Israel to have a beautiful conversation about peace, love, and gratitude amongst Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Bracha Goetz is the Harvard-educated author of 41 books that help children's souls shine and a candid memoir for adults about her transformative journey to joyfully overcome food add  ...  See more
Feb 03 2023
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Joshua T Berglan: What's up ladies and gentlemen? Welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan and a very familiar face. Welcome back, Bracha, all the way from Israel. How are you Bracha?
Bracha Goetz: ? Wonderful, thank you.
Joshua T Berglan: I I want to ask you what you're grateful for today, and then I have all kinds of questions for you, but what are you grateful for today and why?
Bracha Goetz: I'm very grateful that I understand how important gratitude is. This is a major thing that I. Recently in life at my gosh, I just learned this great thing. What's the difference? First time I've ever asked this, what's the difference between a happy life and a miserable life? Gratitude. That's it.
How grateful you are. That's the whole difference.
Joshua T Berglan: That's a, I've actuall

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