S02 E07 - A Conversation with “The Man With Zero Talent” Sanjib Nandi

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Sanjib is a gift to the world and someone worth rooting for. I loved this conversation so much and I believe you will too. Thank you for being a part of A Conversation with “The Man With Zero Talent” Sanjib Nandi. With love, Joshua T Berglan"The World's Mayor"Sanjib Nandi is a licensed, practicing pharmacist. In the last twenty years, h  ...  See more
Jan 12 2023
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Joshua T Berglan: Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to welcome Sanjib Nandi to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan. Sir, I said it right? I know. We just went over that, but I wanna make sure I got this right. Yes.
Sanjib Nadi: Sanjib Nandi.
Joshua T Berglan: I am so excited to have you here because going, I'm just amazed at all that you've accomplished and the lessons that like what you've done collectively to me, gives you this beautiful insight to truly how the mind, body, and soul.
Joshua T Berglan: and I'm just, I'm really excited to have this conversation because I know we are all going to learn a lot from you today. But before we get into that, can you tell us what are you grateful for today and why?
Sanjib Nadi: It's a great question, Josh. There are so many things I'm gra

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