S01 E37 - Media Company in a Box by Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Joshua T Berglan presents, Media Company in A Box!Not only will this broadcast discuss what the Media Company in a Box is, but we are also going to get into the world's greatest transcription and editing software of all time!But wait, there is more!Joshua also discusses a solution for plastic pollution, new spy technology, a Jesuit scanda  ...  See more
Dec 31 2022
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Joshua T Berglan: [00:00:00] What's up everyone? My name is Joshua and I wanna welcome you to another broadcast. I am still buzzing not like literally buzzing like off of alcohol or something like that, but I'm buzzing from yesterday getting to broadcast with my oldest daughter that's in this house because I do have an older daughter.
Joshua T Berglan: Actually I have two older daughters they lives in this house. That's. My Brynlee comes from my marriage to Jessica and I had the best time. I it completely caught me off guard. The questions are the, her making fun of me and teasing me and all that. Like it, none of that was planned.
Joshua T Berglan: Making fun of my chest hair, I, the, the whole thing. I just loved so much and Jessica and I were talking last. Hi, by the way, thank you for

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