S01 E27 - History of Civil Commitment featuring Cyrus Gladden

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan

Cyrus Gladden joins Joshua T Berglan from MSOP Moose Lake to discuss the history of Civil Commitment as he is locked up in what many call a "shadow prison" for sex offenders.

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Dec 14 2022
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Joshua T Berglan: [00:00:00] Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Joshua. I'm gonna welcome you to another broadcast today on a conversation with Joshua t Berglan. We have a really amazing human being that's gonna be calling in. His name's Cyrus and he has been locked up for a very long time in M S O P. And if you're not familiar, with M S O P you've heard us talk about , the sex offender program and civil commitment.
Joshua T Berglan: Over the last year, we've had several different broadcasts with family members. Of course we published some of the blogs from some of the loved ones who are locked up in these shadow prisons. And today we're gonna be broadcasting from M S O P in Moose Lake, Minnesota, and talking to a gentleman he's not an attorney, but.
Joshua T Berglan: from my understandin

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