S01 E24 - A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan and Tudor Tanase

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan

Tudor Tanase aka "The Hair Loss Dude" joins Joshua T Berglan for a conversation about alopecia, hair loss, being an educated consumer, how to know what questions to ask and why you might want to learn about the ingredients in the products you are taking.

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Dec 09 2022
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Joshua T Berglan: [00:00:00] What's up everyone? My name is Joshua and I wanna welcome you to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan. Today's broadcast is really interesting and it's actually very insightful. Most of you don't know, but how I even got my start in entertainment and working in media or anything else that started with the skincare line.

Joshua T Berglan: In other words, I had a skincare line and what got me into skincare, It was hair product, that regrew my bald spot. And anyway, it's a wild story and it sure as heck takes a really interesting direction, which is also depicted in my wife and its book the Devil Inside Me, which is based on my life.

Joshua T Berglan: But , yeah, believe it or not, skincare is what led me into all of this. So anyway this is. Really interesting.

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