S01 E19 - "Headliners" with Jessica Linn & Joshua T Berglan

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
This edition of Headliners features Joshua's amazing wife Jessica Linn and the World's Mayor himself and it is wild! Nothing goes as planned in this broadcast even though nothing was really planned, and while Headliners is meant to be unpredictable for the audience, it is not for the host. Jessica Linn ads amazing commentary to today's gl  ...  See more
Dec 02 2022

We're gonna test run this one more time. The software I used last time was not going to be able to display all of us. In fact, it was gonna put us all on a corner. And since I've asked my amazing wife to join this broadcast today you wanna get me on the screen? I wanna get her on the screen. Of course.

I can't see. I can't see anything. This is like very, awkward to broadcast like this. I can see it right there. Okay, there you go. So we have to have faith that this is working. For those of you, the podcast audience, the reason why we're going through this little mess, because I want to do headliners today and the way that I did this broadcast the last time is not gonna work for us this time.

Let's do that. We're gonna try this and see how it goes. So if you don't know headliners, what h

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