S01 E10 - A Word for Prophets

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Joshua T Berglan has a Word for Prophets and it is one they must hear. In this broadcast, Joshua also discusses the following...is it a mistake to leave our teacher?The problem with testimoniesHow can we preach the truth when we do not have the whole Truth?The Titles we give ourselvesPraying in tonguesWho are you going to exercise?Is that  ...  See more
Nov 21 2022

Hey, everyone, my name is Joshua, I want to thank you so much for being here today. And if you're watching on YouTube, or rumble or any other platform like that, I would be super grateful. If you liked and subscribed and even said, Hello, that'd be awesome. Anyway, I do want to thank everyone who's downloaded the podcast, this podcast that I've been doing is really not even a show. And I don't want to label it a podcast, even though you're hearing it through my podcast platform. This is not meant to be a show. In fact, any of the new content that I'm creating, you can find at Joshua t berglund.com. It's not really about a show, or anything like that. It's just content, very focused, or sometimes not focused nonsense that's meant to entertain and enlighten.

But then there's also education

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