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by AR Podcast

Join us as we delve into captivating conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds, sharing their intriguing life and business experiences. From overcoming challenges to achieving success, each episode unveils inspiring stories that will leave you motivated and enlightened.

Podcast episodes

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  • Machetes in Africa

    Machetes in Africa

    In this inspiring episode of "Join the Experience," we sit down with John, a seasoned traveler whose mission work has taken him across the globe. From the bustling streets of India to the serene villages of Guatemala, John shares heartwarming stories and eye-opening experiences from his travels, shedding light on both the challenges and triumphs of foreign mission work. Beyond his altruistic adventures, John dives into his personal life, revealing some of the items on his bucket list. He also opens up about his hobbies that keep him grounded. Tune in to this episode to get a glimpse of the world through John's eyes and be inspired by his dedication to making a difference, one country at a time.

  • The Cold Plunge Mecca of the World?🥶

    The Cold Plunge Mecca of the World?🥶

    Welcome to another episode of the "Join the Experience podcast, where we dive deep into the stories that shape us. Today we will continue to learn about John, his beginning years and some business experiences.

  • Sales Lesson 😯 "Don't Choke on the Mentos"

    Sales Lesson 😯 "Don't Choke on the Mentos"

    This week on "Join the Experience" podcast, we're thrilled to welcome John Routsala, a seasoned entrepreneur and sales expert. In an episode you won't want to miss, titled "Don't Choke on the Mentos," we dive into his experiences with two businesses that he has personally operated. John reveals his unique insights and strategies, including a memorable sales tip that's as unconventional as it is effective.

  • Giving Customers an Experience

    Giving Customers an Experience

    In today's episode, our host Jon discusses the company mission and purpose with the technicians from AR Overhead Doors.

  • The Journey Begins: Introducing Our Podcast - Part Two

    The Journey Begins: Introducing Our Podcast - Part Two

    Lets delve into the intricacies of garage door systems in our latest episode podcast with AR Overhead Doors!