Dragon Years: Remembrance of Times Past (1976)

JKR: Encounters with China by The Dui Hua Foundation

Episode notes

To mark the Year of the Dragon and Dui Hua's 25th anniversary, we are excited to bring you a limited podcast series, Dragon Year: Remembrance of Times Past. This five-parter explores key developments in John Kamm's life and Dui Hua's history, spanning the Dragon Years between 1976 and 2024. And through conversations, we gain insights from friends and colleagues who have been integral to Dui Hua’s mission. In this inaugural podcast, Kamm discusses the decisions that led to his first trip to China as a trade representative in 1976 and subsequent experiences on the Chinese Mainland during the waning days of the Cultural Revolution. He recalls the death of Premier Zhou Enlai, being caught in the Tangshan Earthquake, acupuncture anesthesia, and interactions with a senior liaison officer in Guangzhou.

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