Sealing Juvenile Records: The Importance of a Clean Slate

JKR: Encounters with China by The Dui Hua Foundation

Episode notes

In this episode, host Rebekah Enoch talks with Dui Hua founder John Kamm and retired Judge Leonard Edwards about the expert exchanges Dui Hua has facilitated between juvenile justice practitioners from the United States and China's Supreme People's Court, both in China and in the United States. Exploring questions like, "What does it mean to seal juvenile records?", "Why is it important?" and "What does it have to do with China?", the interview unpacks some of the impressions and the impact of these exchanges on juvenile justice in the United States and China, as well as what it means in the context of Dui Hua's decision to expand the mission to include women in prison and juvenile justice, in addition to political and religious prisoners.

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