Jodie Jenkins the Golf Guy

by Jodie Jenkins

Are all those ‘same old, same old’ golf shows getting a little boring? We promise you JJ The Golf Guy is NOT your typical golf podcast! Ridiculously entertaining, highly controversial, and always in your face, JJ The Golf Guy is celebrating 20 years on-air! One listen, and you’ll hear why.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 20

  • A 3 hour TOUR!

    A 3 hour TOUR!

    Jodie welcomes Jim Kenesky from the Great Lakes Tour to chat about their upcoming season and the importance of mini-tours in developing new talent. They also discuss the recent passing of Dave Mills, a man who gave so much to the world of golf.

  • Where's the BEEF?

    Where's the BEEF?

    In this episode, Jodie tackles many topics including: US Open qualifying for the men, the US Womens Open at Olympic + Jon Rahm and his COVID disaster and finally, Brooks VS this the next main event at Wrestlemania? Finally, you have a chance to win with CLEAR and JJ The Golf Guy!

  • He owns the best bag on any Tour?

    He owns the best bag on any Tour?

    Former UCLA standout and current Mackenzie Tour member, Erik Flores, joins Jodie to chat about his golf journey plus his partnerships with Jarritos and the illustrious Club Pro Guy. They also explore the world of breaking clubs!

  • Monday, Monday, so good to me.

    Monday, Monday, so good to me.

    In this episode, Ryan Franch AKA Mr. Monday Qualifier Guru Extraordinaire sits down with Jodie to discuss the growing attention on the events known as "Monday Shooters". PLUS, which pro golfer has the most swagger? Finally, Jodie and Ryan discuss The Fire Pit Collective, a new adventure he has recently joined.

  • Feeling hot, hot, hot!

    Feeling hot, hot, hot!

    In this episode, Jodie is joined by Golf Digest equipment guru Mike Stachura. They discuss the 2021 Hot List and what you should be looking to put in the bag + how much closer are we to a golf ball that has GPS capability?