The Little Prince - 小王子 - El Principito Chapter 4. Slow Audiobook in Chinese mandarin

Learn Chinese while sleeping - The Little Prince - Slow Audiobook by Jing Lin

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Slow audiobook for passive listening - The Little Prince - Chapter 4. #chino #chinese #HSK #audiobooks #learnchinese

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小王子 The Little Prince

第4章 Chapter 4


I had thus learned a second fact of great importance:


this was that the planet the little prince came from was scarcely any larger than a house!


But that did not really surprise me much.

我知道除地球、木星、火星、金星这几个有名 称的大行星以外,还有成百个别的星球,

I knew very well that in addition to the great planets—such as the Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Venus—to which we have given names, there are also hundreds of others,

它们有的小得很,就是用望远镜也很难 看见。

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