Jewish Gentile Couples

by Tuvya Zaretsky

Every Jewish and Gentile couple has a unique story of the pressures and challenges they have faced being in a cross-culture relationship. Listen now to real couples like you share their stories of how they found spiritual harmony.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 18. Alex and Drew Heftye

    18. Alex and Drew Heftye

    Drew is a church director of youth and family ministry. Alex is a trained clinical counselor and child welfare social worker. She is Jewish and both identify as followers of Jesus. They are parents of one small child. What can happen if two spiritually mature, emotionally healthy people hit a cross-cultural snag after one makes a remark, they intended for humor, but deeply wounds a loved one. We all can learn valuable insight from their candor and gained understanding.

  • 17. Marisa and Andrew Alexander

    17. Marisa and Andrew Alexander

    Marisa and Andrew are a Jewish-Gentile couple in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their eyes are wide open to the wonderful cross-cultural richness of their country, home and marriage. It's natural for Marisa to be Ashkenazi Jewish and fluent in Zulu. Andrew is comfortable almost anywhere having grown up as a Scotsman in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Now he is discovering the Jewishness of faith in the Old and New Testaments!

  • 16. David and Jennifer Goldstein

    16. David and Jennifer Goldstein

    The journey to find spiritual harmony can feel as distant as east is from the west. Dave and Jennifer Goldstein made it and found one true God. His parents were Jewish academics living as Buddhists in Japan. Hers were middle American evangelicals in Indiana. Theirs is a story of finding a mutually satisfying spirituality and a soulmate.

  • 15. Susan and Christian Wilder

    15. Susan and Christian Wilder

    Susan Wilder is all about Jewish New Jersey! Her husband Christian is a professor of theology and Old testament. They found life and spirituality together through common faith and very different cultural backgrounds. This is their story.

  • 14. Aaron and Becky Lewin

    14. Aaron and Becky Lewin

    Aaron is from Israel and England. Becky is from German-speaking Switzerland. They speak to one another in different languages but that doesn't keep them from relating with deep appreciation and mutual respect. They also share the intimacy of a spiritual harmony as well. Theirs is a fascinating story of cross cultural communication and love.