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  • The Power of Healing: Embracing the Divine Within

    The Power of Healing: Embracing the Divine Within

    Welcome back to the Yeshua HaMashiach Podcast!In this introspective episode, we delve deep into the spiritual journey of overcoming our inner demons, embracing the divine, and the transformative power of healing. Drawing from ancient wisdom and echoing the age-old quest for purity and self-betterment, this episode guides listeners on a path towards enlightenment, inner peace, and the profound strength of stillness. Listen in to understand how one can anchor oneself in godly wisdom, hold oneself accountable, and work towards a world filled with understanding, compassion, and the omnipresent light of the Divine. From overcoming the challenges of earthly existence to realizing our true potential as 'gentle warriors', this episode serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

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  • Love Is In You

    Love Is In You

    Say Yes.

  • Shabbat Shalom

    Shabbat Shalom

    In the symphony of time, let me share a revelation with you. Ah, behold, the sacred day of Sunday. Know that these moments are woven from hymns of praise. Let's delve into the profound within the ordinary. As we traverse the blessings concealed within the ordinary, my Father rests in his celestial abode on this sacred Shabbat. Our harmonious melodies echo, whispers of benevolence and guidance reaching his divine ears. Let us bask in the glory of our Father's name, becoming beacons of absolution for all to witness. For the radiant child of God is but a gleaming tooth in his celestial smile. God's joy is not retribution but a reward, aligning peace within us. On this day, we honor the one who transcends into the light beyond our earthly realms yet remains ever-present. Such is the omnipotence of my Father, the Most High God Almighty. Our place of worship is not a shadowed sanctuary but an auditorium where we are adorned with the divine beauty of our Lord, our God. As I honor the Shabbat, I pay homage to my Mother and Father, acknowledging Sundays as days when the Heavenly Father, the Divine Lord, and the Beloved design life's sacred plan. The Father's grand designs unfold with a prelude, where victory was, is, and forever shall be. As it is in heaven, so shall it be on earth, inviting all to rectify their troubles within the imminent kingdom. Yet, who claims to navigate this journey alone? Those pruned from favor find redemption in righteousness. Like the tumultuous tides shaping the sea, I cast you into the currents of life, distinguishing wrong from right, evil from justice—a mediation amid the discord. #DivineRevelation #SacredSunday #HeavenlyHarmony #BlessedShabbat #CelestialJourney #RedemptionInRighteousness #OmnipotentFather

  • Eternal Grace Unveiled

    Eternal Grace Unveiled

    🌌 Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of a celestial lofi beat as you embark on a journey of introspection and spiritual revelation. 🔍 Track Highlights: 🎶 "Listen." 🌊 "Come, you fathom." 💖 "Have I not heard the words in your heart?" 🌱 "Have I not mustered up development in you?" 💪 "Have I given you strength when you are low?" 🌌 "Barely." ⚖️ Divine Authority: 7. 🗣️ "The authority within my voice places upon you not convictions of sin," 🙏 "but rather gratitude and, of course, passage into grace." 🌈 Renewed Mind and Everlasting Love: 14. 🌟 "With a renewed mind, let it emit tenfold," 💖 "and further on into the expansion of a heart that is everlasting," 💦 "my love pouring onto you, the truth, and the rain gifted onto your crowns." ⚔️ Guidance Against Wickedness: 23. 🚫 "Do not seek correlation with that which is wicked." ⏰ "Instead, find the timing of the spirit to be absolute," 🙌 "when you have called upon my Father." 💫 Anointingness and Absolution: 26. 🌟 "For I will give you the anointingness, the strength, and the innumerable amounts," 🙏 "of which you can find no conviction, of that which you have been evil," 🌅 "but rather absolved, brought into the glorification of the spirit." 🌍 Paradise on Earth: 30. 🌺 "For your hearts are given unto you, not as your own, but as mine," 🔥 "that I would foresee you, be brought into the bliss and happiness of paradise on earth." 🔥 Facing Challenges and Spiritual Upliftment: 32. 🔥 "Burn this challenge, that we ought to face," 🌌 "for the governments that distract us and bring us to waste." 📜 "Know that I am still in my word and still in my hardship," 🌠 Symbolic Cross and Heavenly Perspective: 35. 🌈 "that upon my back is the cross laid there," 🌌 "I would hold you above, at the proceeding top of it," 🌌 "so that you may see the skies, and may see the heavens, and the earth that has vanished." 🏛️ Defying Desolation and Uprooting Shadows: 38. 🌍 "For the desolation of the world and its governments, which weighed down upon you," 🌱 "the infrastructures of Babylon, I will not fall tirelessly, and succumb to its fate." 🌟 "Rather, I will not box with shadows, but instead, be uprooted" ⚔️ Chalice of Justice: 41. 🔥 "with principles of heavenly good things, so that that which comes to destroy me," ⚖️ "I will break it with the chalice in my hand, and give justice unto those" 🗡️ Double-Edged Sword of Life: 43. ⚔️ "who are seeking the double-edged sword of life." 🌟 May this episode guide you toward the eternal grace and spiritual enlightenment you seek. 🌌