The BreakExplicit

by Brandy Belcher

This podcast is for everyone who needs a break! Break from your kids, Break from work, lunch break, smoke break, just a BREAK! Brandy (aka @louisiana_bellizanna) cover everything from relationships, family, spiritual well being, current events, hot topics, gossip, and MORE! This is done all while supporting local businesses, artist, and any all talents and endeavors! Come join us LIVE and call in, catch us on all platforms, on  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Break Down: New Beginnings

    The Break Down: New Beginnings

    Very first episode! This show will be real life, my truth, personal interest, entertaining, informative, and relatable. This is one of many series and there are so much more to come! Thank you for listening! I appreciate everyone's time, humbly!