The Stew

by The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

With Canada’s food system continuing to grow and innovate, understanding what information is credible, who to trust, and how to feed ourselves and our families can be incredibly confusing. That is why “The Stew” is here. To share relevant information on the food topics you care about most - with the help of the experts.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Dairy & Double Duty

    Dairy & Double Duty

    Are you a teacher? Parent? Community member? We talk agriculture resources for students and where to get them for free! Have you ever wondered what organic dairy production means? We discuss the differences between each type of production and dive into how our guest balances both careers.

  • Season 1

  • Eggs & Pecking Order

    Eggs & Pecking Order

    What does cage free mean? Why do some eggs have double yolks? Tune in to hear about the eggs in the grocery compared to the farmers stand, why some eggs and brown and how many eggs a chicken lays. Find out what it looks like in an egg barn and how quiet it can be as you walk through.

  • Cows & Dairy

    Cows & Dairy

    How does the milk get from the farm to your morning coffee? What does a dairy barn look like? We dive into what the little blue cow on your dairy products means, living in a cow palace and how Canadian dairy is working to help our planet.

  • Dirt & Soil

    Dirt & Soil

    What is dirt? Where does it come from? We explore how healthy soil is important for your garden, wildlife and our Canadian food system. Tune into find out what the worms in our soil actually do and how you can improve your garden this season.

  • Malt Roasting & Craft Companies

    Malt Roasting & Craft Companies

    What is malt? What is malt roasting? How does roasted malt fit into Canadians favourite beverages - beer and whiskey? We explore how these all Canadian ingredients can help brewers and distillers create even more options and how craft companies are an important part of our food system.