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#2 – Jerome Morrison, Creative Technologist on Experience Design, Artificial Intelligence, Adapting to Change, and Meow Wolf Worker’s Collective

Iterated by Cathy Chen-Arriaga

Episode notes

Jerome Morrison is a digital technologist, new media designer, and experiential creator. His fascination with the use and adoption of emerging technology propelled him to create new and unique experiences. He is currently working as Product Manager of Technology Innovation for Meow Wolf, an immersive arts and entertainment company based in Santa Fe with sites also in Las Vegas, Denver, and near Austin. Jerome strives to bridge the gap between the fleeting “neat factor” of cool tech and the deeper meaningful moments it can facilitate and enable. Jerome has been featured on Code.org as a speaker on creative computer science career pathways.Furthermore, Jerome is a founding member of the Meow Wolf Worker’s Collective, which advocates and arbitrates for creative worker’s rights.

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