IRL Horror

by Boo Xo

Hello, hello and welcome to IRL Horror! Join Boo (a writer, streamer, and lover of all things spooky) as she takes a weekly dive into the darkness that lurks all around us. Real horror, true crime, mysteries, the unexplainable, the creepy, and the morbid. She covers it all, leading you through the events, the motivations, and the impact of each case covered. Where you be scared knowing it's real or you decide whether or not you ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Real Life Fiction: Scream & Multiple Murders (Part 2)

    Real Life Fiction: Scream & Multiple Murders (Part 2)

    Episode 008: In 1996 horror lovers were enthralled by the newest scary movie release, Scream. The movie would go on to become one of the biggest horror franchises out there and its masked killer a horror icon. What some people might not know is the movie was inspired by an actual murder spree, the Gainesville Ripper case. Real events often inspire fiction but what happens when fiction inspires real action? Is it even possible? Join us as we uncover multiple cases and discuss whether or not fiction can make a murderer.

  • Real Life Fiction: Scream & The Gainesville Ripper (Part 1)

    Real Life Fiction: Scream & The Gainesville Ripper (Part 1)

    Episode 007: Gainesville 1990, a murder and crime spree terrorizes the community. 5 young lives are brutally taken in truly evil ways. The fast and furious spree leaving everyone reeling. Who could possibly be responsible and why? Dubbed by the media as the Gainesville Ripper this case not only caught the residents’ attention but also the attention of a writer. Someone that would use the case as the inspiration for one of the biggest horror movie franchises. Join us as we uncover the case, the inspiration, the consequences, and have a larger discussion about whether or not fiction can make a murderer.

  • Holly Jones

    Holly Jones

    Episode 006: Toronto 2003, a 10-year-old girl vanishes after walking her friend home. The next day her body is found, the police have no idea who could have done it, and the entire city is on edge. Who took Holly Jones’ life away and why? Discover for yourself as we uncover the first case ever to capture my attention almost 20 years ago and that’s stuck with me ever since. Episode Sources:

  • The Missing: Daniel Robinson

    The Missing: Daniel Robinson

    Episode 005: In June 2021 a young geologist, Daniel Robinson, vanishes after leaving his job site in Arizona. A month passes before any real information comes up but his loving family is still left with so many pressing and unanswered questions. Something doesn’t seem to add up here. What happened to Daniel Robinson, where is he?

  • The Persian Princess

    The Persian Princess

    Episode 004: 2000 didn’t just bring us Y2K, it also came with it a mysterious mummy on the black antiquities market. Was this mummy really a Persian princess from 2600 years before? Or is she something much, much sinister and from much more recent times? This case leaves us with a lot of horrifying questions and makes me wonder how far will people really go for money. Email: Episode Sources: