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by Pressley M. Hambrick IV

Listen to real Investors, Fund Managers, and Experts discuss deals, strategies, opportunities and more with an open audience. This is a live conversation that happens every Tuesday 8pm central. Join the live Zoom every week, or listen to the recap here! Below is the Zoom Registration.

Podcast episodes

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  • Investors Gallery with Tony Alampi

    Investors Gallery with Tony Alampi

    Anthony "Tony" Alampi is the Owner of X Factor Consultants, a Houston-based web consultancy. Tony has a heavy background in both software engineering and usability design, and began his career in video game development before starting X Factor in 2016. Since then, X Factor has worked on a broad variety of projects, from corporate web sites and B2C mobile apps integrating artificial intelligence, to producing eLearning courses for international audiences. Tony is also a marathoner and boxer, as well as a public speaker, graphic novel author, and a volunteer "Big" in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. You can learn more about X Factor at: Full Video Episodes Here: Full Audio Episodes Here: To be on Investors Gallery please email:

  • Investors Gallery with Nicole Pendergrass

    Investors Gallery with Nicole Pendergrass

    From personal experience, I truly believe in the power of real estate investing as a preeminent vehicle to achieving financial stability and creating wealth. I'm a multifamily investor with current holdings in the Bronx and PA, looking to partner and expand into other growing US markets. I started my real estate journey in 2010 with no money, no credit and no connections. I was involved in a couple of unsuccessful ventures including wholesaling and out-of-state single family rentals, but kept pushing while building my credit and savings. I was able to purchase a 3 family house-hack in 2015 and cash-out refi'd and few years later... that cash-out changed the momentum of my investing career and wealth building trajectory! After getting mentorship, building my network and investing in some commercial multifamily myself as an LP and JV, I turned my attention to wanting to help others, especially minorities and women, start investing and building wealth as well. I rebranded to Noirvest Holdings in 2020 with the mission to help minorities build wealth through real estate ownership by providing access to ‘privileged’ investment opportunities. I also am the host of the Share The Wealth Show, a podcast focused on helping minority professionals build wealth by exposing unconventional financial strategies to grow and protect our money while creating a legacy. I also currently work full-time in healthcare administration, managing outpatient clinics at a world-renowned cancer center. My on-the-job experiences have not only taught me patience, compassion and critical thinking, but have helped me develop skills aggregating cross-disciplinary information for the advancement of a common objective. Full Video Episodes Here: Full Audio Episodes Here: To be on Investors Gallery please email:

  • Investors Gallery with Matt Picheny

    Investors Gallery with Matt Picheny

    I am a real estate investor, Tony award winner, and author of the #1 best-selling book Backstage Guide to Real Estate. I'm focused on developing passive income streams that enable investors to write their own story, and choose how they want to spend their time. With over 15 years of experience revitalizing and elevating communities through real estate investment, I’ve invested in over 10,000 apartments nationwide. I'm a licensed real estate agent and have earned both Commercial Real Estate & Real Estate Finance certificates from Boston University. I've been a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, the Fast Company Executive Board, and an advisor to a PropTech company.I am a PMI certified Project Management Professional and digital marketing veteran whose 18-year career in the advertising world included working for some of the world’s largest advertising agencies, producing award-winning projects for Fortune 500 clients including Verizon, IBM, and Coca-Cola.My wife and I have two Tony Awards® as co-Producers of the Broadway shows Moulin Rouge! and American Utopia. We have invested in many other theatrical productions including the iconic musicals Hamilton and Wicked. Full Audio Episodes Here: To be on Investors Gallery please email:

  • Investors Gallery with Misty Hassenstab

    Investors Gallery with Misty Hassenstab

    I am a full-time Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, & Business & Mindset Coach based out of Houston, TX. I am Co-Founder of HER Mindset Matters REI Group, Co-Founder of the Houston Women's Real Estate Investor Alliance (WREIA), Managing Partner of Guideway Investment Partners, Elevated Development, and Level Up Remodeling. I have a background in Human Resources, Business Management, Training and Development, and Marketing/Public Relations. After building my own businesses I found my true passion of helping others build businesses & a life they can be proud of & love living. I am honored to have coached 150+ women on building their real estate investing businesses & CEO mindset. Full Video Episodes Here: Full Audio Episodes Here: To be on Investors Gallery please email:

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  • Investors Gallery with Satch Bernhardt

    Investors Gallery with Satch Bernhardt

    Satch is a real estate investor and former airline pilot for a U.S. carrier. His airline flying career ended when his airline shut down in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. This was a turning point in his mission with real estate. He realized that job security does not exist. What does exist is financial security. This is why Satch started Bernhardt Capital to help pilots get on the flight path to financial freedom through real estate.Through Bernhardt Capital pilots invest alongside him in large value-add multifamily deals across the sunbelt region.His goal is that you can generate enough cash flow to Live Life at Pilot’s discretion! Podcast Host Pressley M. Hambrick IV Dimensional Capital Partners Principle/Cofounder Passive Investing Vehicles Developments Multifamily Acquisitions Dimensional 24 $100M REI Fund The Syndicate Program - Multifamily Coaching Course