Inside Imago

by Imago Theatre

From Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Hosted by Jimmy Blais, this is the inside-listen about Imago Theatre's upcoming productions, its artists, and the feminist themes they address.

Our work is committed to pushing boundaries, expanding form, and engaging in essential dialogue about urgent social issues. We centre feminist values, perspectives, and artistic practices within diverse stories, voices, and experiences.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Flood with Keren Roberts

    The Flood with Keren Roberts

    Host Jimmy Blais speaks with Keren Roberts about The Flood as they begin rehearsals of its World Premiere in Montreal, presented by Imago Theatre. They talk about how they research and prepare as actors when they work with a historical script, the true stories of the characters, and collaborative theatre making. In the basement prison below Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, melting ice water pours into the prison from Lake Ontario, and women must come together to survive.Beautiful and brutal, The Flood gives voice to the little known stories of women prisoners in Canada, while examining our systemically racist justice system. Visit for more information.

  • The Retreat with Gabrielle Chapdelaine and David Gagnon Walker

    The Retreat with Gabrielle Chapdelaine and David Gagnon Walker

    Host Jimmy Blais talks with Playwright Gabrielle Chapdelaine and translator David Gagnon Walker about their new play The Retreat, as Imago Theatre presents its world premiere in Montreal. This absurd, funny and provocative Montreal play features a community of people who have chosen to leave the world, shed all layers of their identity and responsibility in order to find mental wellness. When a new person arrives with her cell phone, chaos ensues. Escape into brazenly becoming zero. Learn more at

  • With Yvette Nolan

    With Yvette Nolan

    Jimmy Blais and Yvette Nolan are in conversation about her upcoming season in Montreal, long road trips, and Artificial Intelligence. Nolan will direct The Flood by Leah-Simone Bowen for Imago Theatre, Mizushobai by Julie Tamiko Manning for Tableau D’Hote Theatre, and writes the world premiere of To The Power of Jordan for Geordie Theatre.Visit for more information.

  • Redbone Coonhound with Amy Lee Lavoie & Omari Newton

    Redbone Coonhound with Amy Lee Lavoie & Omari Newton

    Host Jimmy Blais talks with Playwrights Amy Lee Lavoie & Omari Newton about their new play Redbone Coonhound, as it comes to Montreal during its Rolling World Premiere. Out for a walk, Mike and Marissa—an interracial couple—meet a dog with an unfortunate breed name: Redbone Coonhound. This small detail unleashes a cascading debate between them about race and their relationship that manifests as a series of micro-plays, each satirizing contemporary perspectives on modern culture. Redbone Coonhound is an Imago Theatre and Tarragon Theatre Co-Production, and was commissioned by the Arts Club Theatre Company as a Silver Commission. Learn more at