in Key with James and Guest

by James Reddig

In Key with James and Guest is a podcast about the journey of learning and teaching music. Early experiences with guitar and piano lessons and the importance of trying new things are discussed. Challenges and joys of working with students as music teachers are shared. The impact of authenticity and vulnerability on art and online presence is explored. Topics like plugins, microphones, and recording technique ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • James and Guest - TJ Marzonie

    James and Guest - TJ Marzonie

    Let's talk touring musician stories with TJ Marzonie! In this episode, TJ and I dive into the challenges musicians face, especially when the heat in Texas makes it almost impossible to play shows. TJ shares a story about a recent outdoor performance in 95-degree heat and reminisces about a memorable gig his previous band, Redline Drive, had at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.

  • James and Guest - DJ Sasin

    James and Guest - DJ Sasin

    Join me as DJ Sasin, a dynamic open format DJ and producer from New Jersey/New York City, takes us through his musical journey. We'll delve into his experiences performing at top venues like Marquee and Lavo, and explore his thoughts on the evolving music scene. Despite a few sound issues, this episode is a must-listen for those interested in how to get started as a DJ, Sasin's story. Don't miss out on DJ Sasin's unique perspective on modern music!

  • James and Guest - Dan Geyer

    James and Guest - Dan Geyer

    Welcome to the world of film with Dan Geyer! This episode is where Dan and I consider potential future models where musicians/artists could leverage AI and existing material to more efficiently produce new work. We also make sure to let them know that we are totally not a threat and should be valued when they take over the world. All joking aside enjoy a fresh take from a film producer, director and overall entertaining guy Dan Geyer.

  • James and Guest - Asha Blaine

    James and Guest - Asha Blaine

    Rock singer with a passion for original music that challenges the soul Asha Blaine Joins me for a conversation deep about her evolution as an artist and some interesting takes on modern music's lack of a message! Our call had a few sound issues but it is worth a listen for sure!

  • James and Guest - Dylan Galvin

    James and Guest - Dylan Galvin

    Shooting Zombies and Taking on the modern music madness! Get into the weeds with this episode featuring Dylan Galvin.