Children's Extensive Support (CES) Waiver: What It Is and How It Helps Children with Developmental Disabilities

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Episode notes

Whether you're a parent, teacher, clinician, or medical provider, this episode is for you –especially if you know of or work with children who have (or might have) a developmental disability.

Sabrina Bussard (Respite Essentials, LLC) talks about Colorado's Child Extensive Support (CES) waiver, criteria for eligibility, how to apply, the eligibility determination process, and what specific supports and services are available through the waiver. As you’re about to hear, the application process is long and rather complex. But a key takeaway is that Respite Essentials helps Western Colorado families with navigating the application process.

Respite Essentials, LLC, is a small, family-owned company in Grand Junction, Colorado, that provides support services for caregivers of children who are on the CES, including homemaker service ... 

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