Indie Odyssey

by Jamye Smith, Hazel St. Lewis

Welcome to Indie Odyssey, the podcast where your journey through self-publishing is our adventure! Join hosts Hazel St. Lewis and Jamye Smith as we take you on an in-depth exploration into the world of independent publishing. In each episode, we'll be navigating through the often turbulent but rewarding indie journey, covering every step from the initial decision to the thrilling (maybe scary) moment your bo ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Courting War - Path to Publication


    Courting War - Path to Publication


    In this conversation, Hazel and Jamye discuss the launch of Hazel's book, Courting War. They delve into the inspiration behind the book, including the influence of Greek mythology and Celtic gods. Hazel shares the challenges she faced during the writing process, including the emotional toll of being on submission and dealing with insecurities. They also touch on the representation of dyslexia and color blindness in the book, and the importance of authentic portrayals in literature. In this conversation, Hazel and Jamye discuss the importance of writing strong female characters. They also explore the concept of Lady Daddies. The conversation then shifts to the chaos of book release and the challenges of balancing writing with other responsibilities. They end by encouraging each other to set big goals and dream big. Takeaways Writing strong female characters involves portraying their multifaceted nature and avoiding stereotypes. Representation of disabilities, such as dyslexia and colorblindness, can provide readers with a more realistic and diverse reading experience. The concept of Lady Daddies and Shadow Daddies challenges traditional gender roles and allows for more complex and interesting characters. Book releases can be chaotic and overwhelming, requiring careful planning and time management. Setting ambitious goals and dreaming big is important for personal and professional growth. Chapters 00:00 Book Launch and Goodreads 06:54 Inspiration for Courting War 14:56 Writing Process and Challenges 21:32 Influence of Traditional Publishing 34:36 Representation in the Book 38:17 Writing Strong Female Characters 39:45 Representation of Dyslexia 40:28 Representation of Colorblindness 43:16 Lady Daddies and Shadow Daddies 52:21 The Chaos of Book Release 56:48 Setting Goals and Dreaming Big 01:06:23 Balancing Writing and Pregnancy

  • Facing our Fears


    Facing our Fears


    Summary In this episode, Hazel and Jamye discuss the topic of fear, particularly as it relates to book release and indie publishing. They explore the changing perceptions of indie publishing and the rise of romantasy in the industry. The conversation also delves into the fears of failure and the need to justify the choice of indie publishing and the fear of disappointment, highlighting the importance of protection mechanisms. Takeaways Fear is a common experience for writers, especially when it comes to book release and indie publishing. The perception of indie publishing has evolved over time, with the rise of romantic fantasy contributing to its growing validity. Writers often fear rejection from their peers and readers, especially when pursuing self-publishing or indie publishing. The fear of failure is common among writers, as they worry about not being good enough or not achieving their desired level of success. Reader rejection is a fear for writers, as they want their books to be well-received and loved by readers. Fears of failure and the need to justify the choice of indie publishing can be challenging, but it's important to have an entrepreneurial mindset and not give up. The financial aspect of indie publishing can be daunting, but there are different levels of investment and success. Negative reviews can be a source of anxiety for writers, and it's important to establish boundaries and protect one's mental health. Writers may fear not meeting the expectations of their readers or not being able to replicate their success with future books.

  • Navigating the Self-Publishing Seas: Who we are

    Navigating the Self-Publishing Seas: Who we are

    This week we dive into who are are, our journey's, and why we decided to pursue independent/self-publishing. We touch on the topics of romantasy, querying, and more in this opening episode. Connect with Us: Follow us on IG: @IndieOdysseyPodcast Hosts:Hazel St. Lewis socials:IG: TT: Jamye SmithIG: Special Thanks: Editing: Siena Morra Next Episode Preview: Don't miss episode 2, where we discuss the the fears of launching as Hazel gets close to her publication date.