Interview with Jim Sinocchi of Disability Inclusion Strategies, LLC

Inclusion at Work by No Limits Media by Larry Rothstein

Episode notes

Jim Sinocchi has a 40-year history with disability inclusion strategies since 1976, when he joined the IBM Corporation. After his retirement, he joined JP Morgan Chase in 2016.

Jim spent 6 years with the bank as its first head of the “Office of Disability Inclusion.” He established policies and strategies to oversee and provide accommodations, accessibility and assimilation solutions for employees with disabilities worldwide. He also led, created and developed business processes, to ensure people with disabilities would assimilate into the bank’s robust culture, whether joining as a new employee or as a current employee at the firm.

During his tenure with the bank, Jim worked closely with senior managers to develop consistent policies and strategies across JPMorgan Chase & Co. that better supported employees with disabilities. Th ... 

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